Punya Anak, SEMUANYA Laki-Laki? Ini 9+ ‘Keuntungannya’

Sepertinya, organ reproduksi sebagian ibu-ibu memang hanya dilengkapi loyang berwarna biru. Karena tidak peduli berapa pun jumlah anak yang dicetak, jadinya tetap laki-laki melulu 😛
I’m a complete tomboy myself, so I always love the idea of having ALL boys.
If you’re out there and have a similar situation like me—being a mother to (only) boys—I share this list for you. Here’s 9+ best things about having ALL boys.

*Gambar dari sini

*Gambar dari sini

1. You don’t need to convince anyone about the gender of your children—especially at an early age
Anak laki-laki disangka anak perempuan? Great! Take it as a compliment. It means your boy is pretty, he’s so handsome.
Sebaliknya, anak perempuan disangka anak laki-laki? Damn! Harus beli hiasan kepala, aksesori pink, rok tutu, atau girly outfit lain, supaya tidak ada yang salah tebak lagi. Mau sok-sokan gender-neutrality? Good luck with that.

2. Clothes shopping is easier
Well, there are only pants, shirts, and sneakers. Pilihannya memang tidak sebanyak untuk anak perempuan, but everything goes together. And (for the most part), boys don’t care what the hell they’re wearing.

3. You don’t have to do their hair
Satu-satunya alat yang dibutuhkan hanya handuk, untuk mengeringkan setelah mandi—bahkan tidak perlu sisir! If they were girls, you’d probably be wrestling with brush, clips, or hair ties, and (maybe) unqualified to do so considering your own hair laziness.

4. Boys’ toys are cooler
Or at least real. Kereta api, helikopter, tank, excavator, fire truck, dan sebangsanya, they do exist. Pernah lihat kereta kencana, ibu peri, atau princess, akhir-akhir ini? Didn’t think so.

5. You have (lots of) your own ‘me time’
Banyak yang bilang, bila tidak ada anak perempuan kasihan ibunya karena tidak memiliki teman.
Well, never thought that as a disadvantage. When the boys become ‘friends’ and share interest with their father a.k.a your husband, he can take them out for a day.
It means you get time for yourself.
And that’s totally fine 😉

6. A trip to public restroom is less horrified…
…because boys have the ability to pee standing up, so they can avoid contact with the dirty toilet seat whenever possible.
Hidden bonus: anak laki-laki ditakdirkan masuk toilet pria. Let your husband to take the honour.

7. Having all boys = a boost to your husband’s ego
Menurut metode Shettles, shallow penetration with no orgasm works well for getting a girl. Sebaliknya, to conceive a boy, diperlukan penetrasi yang dalam dan istri duluan orgasme sebelum suami.
*turn to husband*

8. You’re the queen of the house
There will always be a ‘strong boy’ around (aside from your husband) to conquer something for you—walau privilege tersebut sepertinya baru akan dialami satu dekade lagi, karena dengan segala kerusuhan yang ditimbulkan bocah laki-laki, saat ini you feel more like a monkey trainer.

9. When the children grow up, there’s only one hormonal woman to deal with…
…and it happens to be you 😛

Oh, and THIS!

*Gambar dari sini

*Gambar dari sini

Yeah, that’s the most relieving thing from having two soon-to-be-three boys 😀

amelia yustianaAmelia Yustiana is a mother of two imaginative little boys. Now she’s pregnant with baby number three. She does have a husband who tolerates her random personality, but she’s not sure why. She previously worked for Jawa Pos Group and Femina Group, where she spent more than 9 years with the last position as senior editor before quitting the office job and becoming a stay at home mom.

3 thoughts on “Punya Anak, SEMUANYA Laki-Laki? Ini 9+ ‘Keuntungannya’

  1. Mba Amel.. salam kenal.. Ih postingan bener banget mbaa.. Dulu sih (pas lagi hamil) pengen anak cewek .. sepertinya lucu bisa didandanin ini itu.. ternyata end up aku menjadi Ibu yang ‘malas’ bahkan, menyisiri rambut anak laki aja malas.. Toss duluuu hihi


  2. ketawa sendiri bacanya. as a mother 3 boys bener semua tuh, apalagi yg nomer 7.
    kata2 standard orang sekarang “ga apa2 punya anak laki2 semua, nanti jg mantunya perempuan” hahaha.. (iya anak gw dibawa kabur)


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